Moving Image

2018 w/ dual system sound
Time-lapses of cacti and succulent over the course of a year. Environmental data drives the tone and filtration of the sounds while the rising and setting of the sun illuminates plant growth in and out phase with each eachother.

Off Country

Off Country is a feature film and multimedia project that examines three regions in the west: the former Rocky Flats Plant, the White Sands Missile Range and the Nevada Test Site. Off Country investigates the environmental consequences of the nuclear weapons industry as well as racist and classist policies inherent in the storage, mining, and production of radioactive material.


Eric Stewart
16mm w/ optical sound
With music by John Davis

HARBOUR is a 16mm film focusing on the English Fascination with the Pacific Northwest. It evaluates ecological simulation and historic recreation to find in Landscape a stage for the enactment of the Other. In the 19th century English aristocrats where especially fascinated with the large evergreens of the Pacific Coast. Entrepreneurs and naturalists began importing spectacular trees, such as the California Redwood, throughout the United Kingdom. This importation of fauna was part of a circuit of appropriation through recreation; where the English simulated, in garden and greenhouse, the ecology of colonial landholdings while exporting English culture and architecture to said colonial locales.

HARBOUR from Eric Stewart on Vimeo.

Read “The Sound of Breaking Glass” an essay written in conjunction with the films release.

Wake 2015
eight minutes
photograms in 35mm
black and white silent
“Wake” is a dirge in celluloid. It is a celebration of my fathers life, a meditation on his body and a visual record of mourning. When my father died, there was never a chance to see his body after life had left it. This film was made by placing his ashes directly on 35mm film in a dark room and moving the film a frame at a time. What we see in this process of photograming is not the object in the photographic sense, but instead a representation of the space surrounding an object. The photogram is a shadow charting the distance between things.

Wake [preview] from Eric Stewart on Vimeo.

RAH RAH from Eric Stewart on Vimeo.

FE from Eric Stewart on Vimeo.